Monday, 25 March 2013

Once, twice, third time's the magic?

    I cut nearly ten thousand words. Unbroken's chapters shift between, now, three different characters. It was the elimination of one of those characters chapters that dropped my word count. Some chapters disappeared entirely, others were rewritten in a different character's perspective. I'm a bit sad that I lost ten thousand words, but I gained a better story. I count this as a win.
    Round two of editing taught me so much more about my characters and their motivations. I learned that less is more (That's a lesson you learn when you cut ten thousand words) 
    I have some more changes in store for round three, no more cuts, thank goodness. I am re writing the first chapter and adding some additional scenes. Editing has opened up a whole new dimension to my writing and exploring this process is just about the coolest thing I've ever done. 

    I think round three will be magical.

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