Thursday, 25 April 2013

Addicted to Stationery

Yes, I admit, I have a problem.

I love notebooks. It's the cover art that usually gets me, although sometimes I buy them specifically because of the size, or the amount of pages. I'm not particular. Any kind of notebook makes me happy. Send me to the stationery store and I'm like a little kid in a candy shop, I must have it all.

If you don't count my pocket sized notebooks, or the tiny one I have in my purse, I have eighteen.


I wasn't even aware that I had that many notebooks until I gathered up most of them and snapped a picture.

There is sixteen in that picture, but I do have a couple more that I didn't feel like getting.

The count does not include my binders. I have four binders of various purposes and sizes. I also have a couple folders in my filing cabinet dedicated to various writing projects.

I purchased three more notebooks just the other day, and the next time I go to a store with a stationery section I will most likely browse through and see if they have any notebooks that interest me.

Do you an item that you can never have enough of?

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