Monday, 1 April 2013

My First Confession

Perhaps it's very amateurish of me to admit this, but I really do feel like an amateur. I look at other writers blogs and they all seem so poignant. They all have a certain element in their blog, a central theme to keep everything tied together in a neat little package. Their blogs have purpose, style and flair.

Then, there is me. I feel like a complete amateur. Which, I guess is okay, considering that I am an amateur. I can't promise you the seasoned posts of the master writer and blogger. I'm not either of those things. If I tried to be, I'd be a gigantic liar. What I lack in poignancy, I completely make up for in honesty and enthusiasm. I can promise you equal parts of both of those attributes.

I'm just here because I love to write. I love creating these wild stories. I love watching them come to life on the page. When I get to do something new, it excites me. I even clap sometimes when I get excited. (See, honesty.)  Hey, I got to crash a Cessna today. How many people get to say that, huh?

I'll get the hang of this blogging thing yet, and if I don't ever reach the point where I suddenly become poignant and enthralling, hey, at least I'm honest and enthusiastic. ;)

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