Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sample Sunday!

I was online this morning, perusing a writers group that I belong to on Facebook when I saw someone mention Sample Sunday. I thought it was pretty genius, and since I am a sucker for alliteration, here I am, partaking in my very first Sample Sunday.

I am going to post a short excerpt from Unbroken. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to post. I wanted to post something that I hope would intrigue people, but not give too much of the story away.

After much consideration, and after changing my mind many times, here is a short excerpt from Chapter Thirty Nine

Paul stood in his black and white striped boxer shorts and stared anxiously at the dryer as he waited for the out of date energy eating machine to finish drying his jeans. He needed to leave  to pick up Annette to go to the party soon and they were his favorite pair. They were perfectly worn in and they were comfortable, at least something about this night would be comfortable. Things had gone too far already, but he couldn't turn back now, too much damage had been done. Now he was guilty of so many things, he’d likely never get out of jail. Eventually he might even share the same fate as his father. He died savagely, beaten to death, his brains splattered so hard into the concrete walls he was told they would never scrub clean.

The idea of a normal family was an impossible concept to grasp. He’d was brought into the world by an abusive, alcoholic who preyed on everyone. Paul knew first hand that children were his favorite.  Charity was cut from the same cloth as their old man. She was hateful and deranged, just as the old man had been, and just like him, she was dangerously charming. Always on the ball, she had exactly the right thing to say in any situation. He was the opposite, unfocused and clumsy, he never knew what to say. He was as socially awkward as it was possible to be. He didn’t know how he could be related to people that disgusted him to the depth of his soul. His inability to break free of her was what revolted him the most about himself.

It was hard to choose just a few words out of the whole story to showcase here, but I hope I chose wisely. If you'd like to leave a comment, please, do so. Who knows, maybe I might participate in Sample Sunday again.

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