Friday, 26 April 2013

Writing Outdoors

I love writing outside in the warmth of the sunshine. It's more organic, there's dirt and bugs and trees. The wind bothers me sometimes, but only if it's cold. Plus, I have no laptop so I get to use one of my lovely notebooks.

I don't write any actual scenes outside, I mainly work on brainstorming and developing my plot and characters. I have three little children, and they keep me pretty busy, I do the bulk of my writing when they are in bed.

That is my outdoor writing kit

My floppy sun hat which keeps me from squinting and hopefully will prevent (more) crows feet from creeping up on me.

My phone, so I can answer it without running in the house, and it has a clock so I can keep track of the time.  It only rings when I'm in the middle of a major epiphany.

I always have two colors of pens with me when I'm writing on paper. My mind switches gears and sometimes I need something to stand out so I can find it later.

A notebook, of course. I tried writing on my hand, but I'd forget it was there and wash it away.

Last but not least, my water bottle. Writing is thirsty work.

Where is your favorite writing location?

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