Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Back in The Game!

After many hours of procrastination, and many more of brainstorming I have done it. I have nailed down the outline for Unbroken. It feels weird to outline a book I have already, technically, written, but this book will be drastically different from it's early version.

I've given some characters a bigger role while eliminating other characters entirely. I have changed many of the events, but upped the tension and entangled the interpersonal relationships between my characters. I have   style, p-nosh and yes, even a sub story.

I really don't think I'd be at the point where I am right now if it weren't for a friend of mine. She's been a real inspiration to me, and a real friend. Her perseverance and her determination are inspiring on their own, but when you couple that with the hell she's been through, it's damned impressive. You should go read her blog, she's an awesome writer, an awesome person and an awesome friend (and her forthcoming book  When Stars Die is pretty darn awesome too) I just figure, if she's been through all she's been through and she can still manage to follow her dreams, to fight the good fight and get what she wants, then why the hell can't I.

She's not the only reason I don't give up, she's just a reminder of what happens when you don't quit.

Here's to never giving up. 

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