Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Soundtrack of My Life

I love music, especially rock and classic rock; though I will listen to anything once. You won't find much rap in my collection, a couple of Eminem's songs...but that's it. The same is true for country, I'm just not a fan of most of it, though there are a few songs  that I enjoy. If my life had a soundtrack, these would be on the album.

Meatloaf is epic. His music is killer, his voice is powerful and his lyrics are the stuff of legend. 
Of course you have to love Bat Out of Hell, not only is it the title track, but it tells a wonderful story...and it's epic to sing along too. 
I love the last song on this album the best though. At a staggering eight minutes and forty four seconds, For Cryin' Out Loud is one of the most heart wrenching songs I've ever heard. I can't help but love this song.

Bon Jovi. If you know me, you know I LOVE, absolutely LOVE Bon Jovi.
The Crush album is a favorite of mine. When it came out I was just nearing the end of high school. If my teen years came with a sound track, It's My Life would be the title track. I was determined to break out on my own, to carve my own destiny and Bon Jovi was the singer of my anthems.

I absolutely adore this band. I listen to them every day now. Every. Single. Day. I think I could put I Will Wait on repeat and listen to it all day long. I can sing along with most of the songs now. I'm just short of being full blown obsessed with them. There's a few of their songs that really strike a chord.

I love this song.
I hate this song.

This song is part of my story. More specifically the part where I had my guts ripped out when I was 15 years old by a boy that I was madly in love with. One day I'll tell the story....

I wasn't even ten years old when Freddie Mercury died and I was devastated. This man is a legend, his talent is unmatched and his voice gives me goosebumps. I still mourn him. 

This is the sound of my childhood. This band makes me think of my dad. I'm pretty sure he still blasts them in the car and sings along. I grew up on some darn good music because my parents happen to have awesome taste. 

For now, that is it. I really could go on forever about all the different sounds that make up my soundtrack. I might do another installment on this because I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite songs are. 

So...what are your favorite songs? Who is on your soundtrack?


  1. I love your soundtrack. You've been exposed to some great bands in your life. I'm starting to wonder what my soundtrack would be. Meat Loaf would be on there no question.

    Great idea, I'll have to get back to you with my soundtrack :)

    1. Thanks Wanderer. There is definitely going to be a part 2 of this post...I could honestly do 100 posts on this subject. ;) I can't wait to see your soundtrack!

    2. I was going to post my soundtrack here, but I got a bit carried away and there wasn't enough room. You'll find it on my blog. Cheers for the idea :)

    3. I'm going to plan a part two for this I think. It was a lot of fun to meander down memory lane.