Thursday, 13 June 2013

Love and Love Gone Wrong

I was thinking about the novel I'm working on and I decided it would be fun to assemble a musical play list to listen to while I write my emotionally charged scenes. I plan to send my character through an emotional shit storm and music helps me draw on the emotions I want to portray. It got me thinking about my favorite love songs and of course, my favorite love-gone-wrong songs. There's something so wonderfully tragic about these songs and I must admit, I'm a sucker for a good gut wrenching song.

On my play list so far:

Painted on My Heart by The Cult

Always by Bon Jovi

I Would Do Anything For Love by Meatloaf

Someone Like You by Adele

Kiss From a Rose by Seal

Iris by The GooGoo Dolls

Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden

Now, here's where you can help me out. Send me the names and artists of all your favorite love songs and love gone wrong songs. I'm open to any genre so warm up your keyboard and send those tunes my way. You never know, your old favorite might become my new favorite.


  1. I’m not one for love songs, but love-gone-wrong is right up my street. Here’s my list ;)

    Stolen Car by Bruce Springsteen [I love the very last verse of this song, I can totally relate]

    If You Could Read my Mind by Gordon Lightfoot [The best break-up song ever]

    Kite by U2 [A good song about letting go when you really don’t want to]

    Walkaway by Cast

    Without You by Harry Nilsson [Harry Nilsson’s version will always beat Mariah Carey’s]

    Black Books by Nils Lofgren

    Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

    Wicked Game by Chris Isaac [One of my all-time favourites]

    My Immortal by Evanescence

    It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Meat Loaf [This song should have always been sung by a man]

    Wrapped in My Memory by Shawn Smith

    I Can't Stop Loving You by Phil Collins [Excellent cover of a Leo Sayer song]

    Turn Back Time by Aqua

    Can't Fight This Feeling by Reo Speedwagon [My guilty pleasure :)]

    It's Over by Rod Stewart

    That’s all I got… For now. If I think of any more, I’ll add them.

    1. I LOVE REO SPEEDWAGON!!!!!!!!

      There's quite a few on there I haven't heard, so I'll be doing some listening on youtube later. Thank you, Wanderer. ;)