Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Poetry: My First Love

I started writing when I was ten years old, but my first endeavors into creative writing were not short stories, novels or even flash fiction. I started out as a poet. I love poetry to this day, all kids of poetry and recently I've developed a certain fascination with the spoken word. Since hearing 'We Are More' By Shane Koyczan at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games' opening ceremony, I've been hooked. His poem 'To This Day' makes choke up every time I listen to it.

I don't think I'd ever have it in me to be a spoken word artist, and although I've put poetry on the back burner to develop my novel writing skills, I still love to write it. There's a certain joy in sitting down and pouring a part of your soul into something that is only ten lines long. There's a special joy in letting someone know that you know exactly how they feel.

I want to share with you a poem of mine. It's unpublished anywhere else, so you saw it here first. I must have rewritten it and tweaked it about a thousand times, but I'm finally happy with it. (Though I changed the title slightly upon posting LOL) 

Scattering Ashes

Grey black butterflies
float on a breeze.
Dancing in the wind
they hover in the trees.
Sun kissed wings
gracefully flutter,
over sea and hill and dale,
with sweet serenity everlasting,
a beauty that will never pale.
Like bittersweet memories,
with distance they fade.
A scattering of ashes
remembered as a butterfly parade.

If you'd be interested in reading some of my published poetry, visit this list of my work. 

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