Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Demon In Him

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Though I am only 12 chapters into this wonderful journey I've embarked upon, I wanted to tell everyone about it. The Demon In Him is the book I am currently writing. I originally planned to make it a Young Adult novel, but since I've decided that genre isn't for me, I figured I'd give New Adult a try, and if it doesn't end up in the New Adult genre, that's fine too. Without further adieu, here is the synopsis.

As Harley Black moves past the death of her mother, she catches the eye of the attractive and charming Tyler Harrington. She thinks she could fall head over heels in love with him, but by the time she realizes who he really is, it’s too late. Trapped in a terrible relationship, she seeks comfort in her friendship with Stan and she soon finds herself wanting more. If she leaves Tyler, he promised he will go public with damaging evidence that will surely doom her father to a life behind bars.

As Harley goes against her better judgement and gives into her feelings for Stan, Tyler discovers he has a life threatening condition. During the fight for his life, Harley learns that there is a softer side to Tyler. She starts to wonder if his illness was the cause of his demons. Torn between her past and her present, between Stan and Tyler, Harley is faced with the decision of a lifetime.

Does she leave Tyler while he fights for his life and run away with Stan, or will she stay with a man who swears he’s changed? What will happen if Tyler discovers her betrayal? 

This book started out as a scene in my head. A girl, Harley, crying in a bathroom stall at her high school. She leaves the school and runs into Stan. They hang out by the train tracks and this is where the reader discovers that they have a connection.

That scene will never make it into the book. For starters, I've taken it out of the YA genre, but I have written a scene in the book that is based off of that. There is no bathroom stall, but there are tears, and a connection between Harley and Stan that is strongly conveyed and deeply felt.

I hope to have a sample ready for you guys soon. *You can find the sample here*


  1. You did a great job with the blurb. Sounds very interesting. Cant wait for the sample.