Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Matter of Resistance

"… there was no choice but to attack Earth.”

Isaac might just be a kid, but he’s quickly finding out how he and his friends can make a difference for their settlement. After all, they’re the latest version of humans, evolving to adapt to life on Mars. But it’s easy to lose track of time, and the powers-that-be on Earth are relentless in their resolve.
Matter of Resistance is a light read and a great introduction to science fiction for young adults. The story follows Isaac and his rise to leadership in parallel to a handful of dedicated sympathizers on Earth who have troubles of their own to worry about.

Matter Of Resistance is a Young Adult Science fiction novel  written by AEC Stellar Publishing's own founder (and resident rocket scientist) Raymond Vogel.  It will be available in paperback on August 22nd 2013. If you're wanting the ebook, you'll have to wait until Christmas. However; if you're willing to do a review, contact Raymond Vogel and he will give you a free copy of the ebook. You can email him at Raymond.Vogel@aecstellar.com

Brief Book Description:
The science fiction imagining of a former rocket scientist, Matter of Resistance pushes technology and human nature to the limits as it chronicles our Mars settlement's struggle for independence from Earth. Though it was written for young adults, it’s received high praise and recommendations from a retired NASA senior executive, a retired USAF Colonel, and the current Senior Staff scientist managing Materials and Processes for the NASA Orion Program. Matter of Resistance "examines space travel within the possibilities of today’s technology and in the context of natural human drives,” and delivers an experience that’s “captivating, suspense-filled reading, beginning to end.”



MARK CANTRELL, PhD, Materials and Processes, Senior Staff, NASA’s Orion Program:

“A really interesting story that examines space travel within the possibilities of today’s technology and in the context of natural human drives. A balance between technology, the drive for independence of a colony, the drive to make profit by a company, and the natural good found in people in both worlds. The story is interesting, fun to read and makes you think. I loved this story. I recommend it.”
COLONEL ROSS NUNN, USAF Retired; former Commander of the Air Force Astronautics Lab, and early proponent of antimatter and fusion-based propulsion research:
“Picked up the book to read the first chapter - didn't put it down until I finished the entire book. Captivating, suspense-filled reading, beginning to end. The interplay of human tendencies for domination coupled with the sense of caring for our fellow man was gripping.”
MICHAEL DAWSON, Retired NASA Senior Executive Service and Associate Director for the Stennis Space Center; Retired USAF Colonel and Mission Support Group Commander; General Manager at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility:
“Adding real science to its fiction, Matter of Resistance gives an eerily accurate portrayal of where we may find ourselves one day. With great character interactions and the use of believable technology advancements to solve intractable problems, it kept my attention until the last page.”
COLONEL GREGORY S. LAMB, USAF Retired, Former U-2 Pilot; Served in the Air Combat Command, NORAD, and the DIA; and author of The People In Between: A Cyprus Odyssey and the military thriller A Dangerous Element (coming soon):
“Masterfully written to entertain, Matter of Resistance is a light read that makes you think. It examines the potential outcomes of failed diplomacy in a conflict, and it should be required reading at the war college.”
OLIVER F. CHASE, former FBI Special Agent; U.S. Marine pilot, recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross; and author of the exciting new detective series Marsh Island and Blind Marsh:
Matter of Resistance is relevant, fresh, and engaging to adults and young readers alike as it tackles human’s ongoing quest to reach out and trust one another. Watch for spoilers, though, because I see them on the news every night.”
SORIN SUCIU, author of the laugh-out-loud contemporary fantasy, The Scriptlings(2013):
“This captivating story bears the unmistakable mark of an instant SciFi classic, in that the science (while as solid as you would expect from a friggin rocket scientist) is merely a backdrop for a fascinating introspection into the human nature.Matter of Resistance might not cure your Asimov or Clarke nostalgia, but it will certainly infect you with the Vogel virus. There, you have been warned.”
J.R. McLEMORE, multi-genre author of The Old Royal and An Adverse Anthology:
"With the recent announcement of the Mars One endeavor, Matter of Resistance is one step closer to becoming non-fiction. Mars One can probably borrow some pages from Raymond Vogel's playbook."
AINSLEY VOGEL, Raymond’s daughter; avid reader:
“I liked it because it was exciting.”

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