Friday, 27 September 2013

Get Out of Your Way

Will Rogers was a smart man.

I've heard this many times. The writer who has an awesome idea, but spends weeks...sometimes months, trying to perfect the first few pages before moving on. You'll never get anywhere by spinning your wheels.

It's like Hemingway said (he was another smart man, by the way) The first draft of anything is shit. That's right, folks. So don't sit on your first few pages, toiling over the placement of the word THE, and trying to decide if it should be a comma or a semi colon. Write it and move on or you'll end up running yourself over. Because, even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. (See, I told you he was smart.)

Get out of your way. Give yourself permission to write that first shitty draft and accept it for what it is, a draft. It's not the final product, so stop treating it like it is. There will likely be a few different drafts before you end up with something you could publish. The term 'first draft' wouldn't exist if everything came out perfect the first time.

Sit down, write with wild abandon and DO NOT LOOK BACK. Write until you reach those two glorious words that feel like heaven on earth to write...The End. Once you reach those two little words, then go forth in pursuit of perfection, because then, and ONLY then, will there be something to perfect.

I will leave you with some words to live and write by.