Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bridging The Gap

I stumbled upon this little gem on Facebook today and I found every word of it to be true.

No one wants to be the bully that tells the beginner writer that for the first while, anything he writes will not measure up to his imagination. No one wants to discourage the blossoming talent; new to the world it's a fragile thing. I wish someone would have told me about the gap.

I'm now writing my third book. All I'll say in this post is that it's a middle grade novel and I'm loving every minute of it. I've wanted to write this book for months. I feel like the three thousand words I've written for this book are better than the combined word count of both of my novels, Unbroken and The Demon In Him. (the combined word count comes in at somewhere around 110 000+ words)

So, if you are a beginner, mind the gap. Writing crap is not the end of the world. We all have to start somewhere. Not everything you write will be brilliant (despite what your friends say, they have to like it LOL) Not every idea you have will turn out the way you wanted to on paper. Actually, until you really learn what you're doing, nothing comes out the way you want it to, but don't give up. Don't. Give. Up.

My third book makes me feel like I might just be bridging the gap. But ask me again when it's finished.

Three cheers for the gap!

If you're a writer who has already crossed the gap, tell me your story below. Your AHA moment when you knew you'd done it.


  1. They should make this part of the splash screen for MS Word and Scrivener.

  2. That's a great poster Mariah. I think everyone should print this off and laminate it. No aha moment yet, a couple of ARGH moments though, do they count? :D

    1. You must have missed your AHA moment, because seriously, you make me jealous. Sometimes I secretly hate you when I beta read for you (but only a little) I forgive you because you let me read your stuff.

    2. aww that's such a nice thing to say. Thanks for that :D