Friday, 29 March 2013


So I want to share a bit about my novel, Unbroken. You'll most likely hear me talk a lot about it, it's just about the hugest thing I've ever done in my live.

Unbroken was written in November of 2012 during the ever popular event NaNoWriMo. Doing NaNo was probably one of the best things I ever did. It showed me that there really are no excuses good enough to stop you from writing your book.

Without further adieu, here is the synopsis.

Annette's childhood ended when she was brutally attacked and left with scars that went as deep as her soul. She truly believes that the scars have left her damaged and not worthy of the love she yearns for. When Paul comes into town, her best friend Travis instantly hates him. Could he be jealous of the attention her and Paul pay each other? What happens when Annette is lead to believe that he is the one behind all the bad things that start happening?

Paul has been haunted by the events that lead to his fathers imprisonment. Everything in his life has been consumed and controlled by that one event and the secrets that he still keeps. Can he make everything right before it is too late?  Will he be able to overcome his fear of his brutal older sister, or will her control over him be his ultimate destruction, and Annette's doom?

Does my synopsis make you want to read my book?

Maybe if you guys are really nice to me, I'll post an excerpt from the book.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Once, twice, third time's the magic?

    I cut nearly ten thousand words. Unbroken's chapters shift between, now, three different characters. It was the elimination of one of those characters chapters that dropped my word count. Some chapters disappeared entirely, others were rewritten in a different character's perspective. I'm a bit sad that I lost ten thousand words, but I gained a better story. I count this as a win.
    Round two of editing taught me so much more about my characters and their motivations. I learned that less is more (That's a lesson you learn when you cut ten thousand words) 
    I have some more changes in store for round three, no more cuts, thank goodness. I am re writing the first chapter and adding some additional scenes. Editing has opened up a whole new dimension to my writing and exploring this process is just about the coolest thing I've ever done. 

    I think round three will be magical.