Sunday, 19 January 2014

Don't Accept The Identity Others Will Give You

I couldn't find the perfect Shane quote
so I chose one that made me laugh. 
We live in a society of labels. Everyone is labelled. Everyone labels everyone else. But don't let others label you. Don't let others tell you what you're not. Don't let other define you. Define yourself. Don't let others tell you what you are and don't let them tell you what you're not.

If you paint, and you love to paint and you think about painting all the time, you are a painter. Don't let someone take that title from you because your work isn't in The Louvre, or you're not selling out art shows. If that's how you express yourself, who cares if you're work lives up to their standards. You are a painter.

If you take pictures and try to improve and play with lighting techniques, you are a photographer, even by the basic definition, you are a photographer. You may not be able to charge people, or use the term Professional in front of your name or make a living off it, but you are a photographer nonetheless.

I'm going to quote Shane Koyczan. He's pretty much my hero and he said it best, so I'll use his words.

When I was fourteen, I was asked to seriously consider a career path.
I said,
"I’d like to be a writer."
And they said,
"Choose something realistic."
So I said,
"Professional wrestler."
And they said,
"Don’t be stupid."
See, they asked me what I wanted to be, then told me what not to be.
And I wasn’t the only one.
We were being told that we somehow must become what we are not, sacrificing what we are, to inherit the masquerade of what we will be.
I was being told to accept the identity that others would give me.
And I wondered, what made my dreams so easy to dismiss?

Don't let other people define you. Be who you want. Do what you want. Follow your passion, chase your dream. Don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are stupid. Listen to Shane, he's a smart guy.

Don't accept the identity that others will give you.

Let your freak flag fly...or keep it fold up in your underwear drawer.

It's your choice, not ours. 

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