Sunday, 16 March 2014

From Poet to Playwright

Yesterday, I wrote a play. An actual two act play. Granted, the story was already there, I just changed it into the format of a play. Splitting it up into scenes was easy, formatting it was fairly easy, the thing I found the most challenging was setting the stage properly. In one scene of my play, there's quite a lot going on with one character. She moves around and touches a lot of things in the story. So, I found, while I was writing the play, she'd interact with something that I'd forgotten to put in the scene description. I had to go back to my scene description a few times and make additions and adjustments. All that back and forth taught me something. It taught me to pay attention.

I think writing plays could become a hobby of mine. I'm already working up a one act play that is loosely based on a story I started writing a few weeks ago. It was really good exercise for the old writing muscle. It forced me to carefully think about my characters surroundings. It made me be more aware of the interaction between each character and the environment, and their interaction with each other. You have to carefully consider each movement your character makes. There's no room for error because this won't be read in someone's head, this will (hopefully) be acted out in front of them.

I still have some final adjustments to make with the scene description and stage direction, but for the most part, my play is complete. I'm positive that if I continue going with this, I'll learn much more.

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